UNCA Journal of Undergraduate Research Spring 2023 Issue

Medea: Monster, Mother, Victimby Ariel Akuneme
Anti-Adhesion Carbohydrates for Prevention of Biofilm Formationby Molly Austin
From Mother to Sex Worker and Soldier to Veteran: Moralistic Tendencies in the Art of Otto Dix, 1920-1935by Beatrice Bradley
The Demon Within: A Case Study Analysis of Post-Concussion Syndrome and its Effectsby Jessica Brock
Population Demographic Modeling of American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius L.), Populations in Western North Carolinaby Kathryn Brown
White Moms Raising Multi-Racial Children: Dedicated Methods of Color-Conscious Parentingby Makenna Clark
Period Policy: Menstrual Equity and Educationby Bailey Cook
A phosphorylation mimic at the Gα12 N-terminus inhibits palmitoylation and signaling to serum response factorby Bailey Cook
Perceived Cognitive Effort and Exposure to Natural Stimuliby Jackson Crawley
Neurodivergence in the Face of “Femininity”: Understanding the Experiences of Those Socialized as Womenby Aven Crochet
Investigating shade tolerance and phenotypic plasticity of Virginia spiraea (Spiraea virginiana Britton),, a federally threatened shrubby Rosie Dickson
The Language of Grief: Autoethnographic Reflections of Loss in American Cultureby Christian Donaldson
Synthesis and Evaluation of Antibiotics with Cleavable Guanidine Linkers to Combat Gram-Negative Antibiotic Resistance Mechanisms by Jason Dunford
Relative Space: An Exploration of Home Through Landscapes and Materialsby Hannah Durham
Discovering Iconographic Links in a Perpetual Silver Covenant Chain: Eighteenth-Century Portraits of Hodinöhsö:ni ׳ Diplomats from British North Americaby Bonnie Elander
The Ends of Economics: Towards a Theological Economics of Eschatologyby Aubrey Emmett
An Analysis of Resident Involvement in and Attitudes Toward Tourism and Management Implications for Asheville, North Carolinaby Casey Feiler
Body Image Dissatisfaction and Discrepancyby Nina Finderle
Heterologous Expression of Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATP Synthase to Facilitate Antibiotic Discoveryby Vesper Fraunfelter
A Qualitative Exploration of Socioeconomic Status’ Impact on Mask Wearing Behaviors During the COVID-19 Mask Mandateby Mikaela Fullerton
Covalent Probing of Quorum Sensing LuxS Towards the Inhibition of Biofilmsby Evan Glass
Morals Over Money: Toward a More Ethically Conscious Economicsby Timothy Greene
Reconstructing West Pacific Sea Surface Temperatures Using World War II Ship Observationsby David Griffith
Genetic Analysis of Geographically Distinct Curculio sayi Populations in the Northeastern United Statesby Cassius Guthrie
Growth and Development of Spotted Salamander, Ambystoma maculatum Larvae in Relation to Vernal Pool Size and Hydroperiodby Matthew Hanbury
Alternative Ways of Being: Elisabetta Sirani and her Multidimensional Heroinesby Hannah Hansen
Quantifying cyclic di-AMP in Staphylococcus aureus during stress using a competitive ELISAby Carissa Her
Synthesis and Evaluation of Amino Acid Ester Substituted Pseudopyronine Derivativesby Stephanie Holz
Labor Power in Times of Crisisby Joshua Kelch
Combating Antibiotic Resistance: Part One: Novel Antibiotic Isolation from Co-culture, Part Two: Adjuvant Chemistryby Casey Kellogg
The Creation of a Nation: Race, Class, and Capitalism in America A Case Study: Asheville, NCby Chasity Leake
The Historical Creation and Systematic Perpetuation of Cardiovascular Disease Health Disparities in African Americans A Case Study: Asheville, NCby Chasity Leake
Synthesis of Anti-Adhesion Carbohydrates Against Bacterial Biofilmsby Kaitlyn Llewellyn
Bridging the Gap: Utilizing Buddhist Techniques to Treat Poverty Centered Traumaby Kessy Evina Love
Comparison of Seed Traits between Two Sarracenia Species and their Hybridsby Alyssa Lynch
Christianity, Candidates, and Coding: How Evangelicalism Affects Campaigningby Peter Manelski
LandMarked3D: An Open Source 3D Terrain Modeling Applicationby Patt Martin
Inflation and Growthby Logan Mitsock
Two-Pronged Approach to Investigating Regulation of the NO· Stress Response in S. aureusby Noela Moraga
Sex Distribution of Eastern Newts at Sandy Bottomby Lydia O’Fallon
Synthesis of antibiotic/ guanidine adjuvant hybrids capable of crossing the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteriaby Dhruvi Parmar
Outlaws and Rhinestones: The Cowboy Figure in Historical and Modern Country Music Mediaby Cole Pilgrim
Charitable Contributions: A Legal Money Laundering Systemby Margaret Pittman
Assessing the Effects of Prescribed Fires on Mycorrhizal Fungi in Upland Mixed Oak-Pine Forests at DuPont State Recreational Forest, NCby Ari Puentes
Development of Cleavable Antibiotic-Adjuvant Hybrid Compounds for Increased Accumulation in Gram-Negative Bacteriaby Bryce Pugh
Development of amine-containing cleavable antibiotic-adjuvant linkers for the potentiation of antibiotics in Gram-negative bacteriaby Aliyah Rao
Photocatalytic degradation of trichloroethylene by brookite TiO2 nanoparticles: study of particle size and pH effectsby Samantha Reese
Evaluating the Relationship Between Posture and Muscle strain in the Neck and Wrist: An EMG Analysisby Margarita Rudisill
West African Music as a Means of Communication, Connection, and Cultural Preservationby Jordan Scheffer
The Effect Of Smartphones on Working Memoryby Laura Searles
And I Must Scream: Exploring the Distortion Of Humanity in Analog Horrorby Sawyer Serdula
“Get Back” to Reality: Deconstructing a Common Narrative in Beatles’ Biographiesby Ava Tomkins
Application of Robotic Arm Control using Computer Vision and Object Detection Techniquesby Sarah Vyvyan
Evaluating Endangered Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia jonesii), Leaf Morphology And Flowering As Related To Soil Nutrient Statusby Joseph Walston
The Flowers of Alphonse Mucha: Symbolic Connections Between Nature, Mysticism, Religion, and the Occultby Cynthia Wills
Ambrosia Beetle Diversity, Vector Potential and Response to Solarization Treatments Associated with Sassafras Trees Killed by Laurel Wiltby Riney Woodbridge
Phylogeography of the Turks Island Boa, Chilabothrus chrysogasterby Hailey Wunder
Judicial Selection: America’s Quandaryby Kennedy Young