Publication in: Spring 2023 Issue

LandMarked3D: An Open Source 3D Terrain Modeling Application
Patt Martin
Computer Science
Faculty Mentor(s):
Kevin Sanft
Abstract / Summary:
While the quantity of publicly accessible geographic data has increased, many software packages that interact with that data are expensive and have steep learning curves. Landmarked3D is an open source software application that provides a simpler workflow for data retrieval and generation of geographical maps and three-dimensional (3D), terrain models. This application collects satellite imagery and elevation data from the Google Maps API using user-provided coordinates. The program allows a user to define polygonal areas within a location to denote different layers. In addition, a user can import and tweak foliage objects based on a set of parametric equations. The application demonstrates its utility by modeling a golf hole where each defined layer corresponds to different ground conditions (e.g.: tall grass vs sand traps),. As the application improves, this software can be extended to aggregate terrain data from different sources to model any type of terrain for a range of application domains.
Publication Date: