Publication in: Spring 2023 Issue

Bridging the Gap: Utilizing Buddhist Techniques to Treat Poverty Centered Trauma
Kessy Evina Love
Religious Studies
Faculty Mentor(s):
Rodger Payne
Abstract / Summary:
In 2021, about 37.9 million Americans reported living in poverty. Living in poverty puts individuals at a greater risk to experience trauma and develop conditions such as C-PTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder),, depression, and anxiety. With the large number of Americans living in poverty, the access to mental health resources is scarce despite impoverished communities being the most in need of such resources. This paper will examine the lack of mental health resources in low-income infrastructures, the impact of the lack of sources, and how Buddhist techniques can be used as an affordable, accessible, and effective resource to treat symptoms of trauma.
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