Publication in: Spring 2023 Issue

Body Image Dissatisfaction and Discrepancy
Nina Finderle
Faculty Mentor(s):
Laura Jones
Abstract / Summary:
It is often heard and discussed that athletes, professional and semi-profesional, face situations and experiences that negatively affect their body-image. This study investigates the relationship between sport and body image among Division 1 (D1), student athletes. Its purpose is to determine the difference in body image between different sports, genders. It also focuses on how sport uniforms and sexualization might affect how athletes perceive their body. Participants for this study included Division 1 student athletes at a small Southeastern Liberal Arts university. The annual survey, that included Body Image Ideals Questionnaire (BIQ), and demographic questionnaire was sent out via email to all student athletes. In addition to these questionnaires, additional questions were asked related to their comfort with their uniform and experiences with sexualization.
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