Publication in: Spring 2023 Issue

The Demon Within: A Case Study Analysis of Post-Concussion Syndrome and its Effects
Jessica Brock
Faculty Mentor(s):
Patrick Foo and Kedai Cheng
Abstract / Summary:
This case study investigates post-concussion syndrome. Post-concussion syndrome (PCS), is defined as a continuation of behaviors and/or causal factors that persist after sustaining a traumatic brain injury for longer than six months. The subject is a 44-year-old female professional in the Southeastern United States who suffered a fall while hiking 2.5 years ago. The initial treatment was performed at a local emergency room where full concussion protocols were not conducted, although patient retrograde amnesia was present. The amnesia only spans the length of time directly after the fall up until a short time after patient analysis. Since diagnoses and prognoses are so individualized, careful case studies like this can serve as a model for improved patient outcomes and help further research on TBIs and their effects.
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