Publication in: Spring 2023 Issue

The Ends of Economics: Towards a Theological Economics of Eschatology
Aubrey Emmett
Faculty Mentor(s):
Robert Tatum
Abstract / Summary:
Eschatology, the area of study concerning the final ends of humanity, is of particular importance to theologically-informed systems of belief. While eschatological inquiry may seem outside the purview of Economics, any discipline attempting to articulate a long-run understanding of the world must have beliefs about final ends. Economics, as such, likely already engages in eschatological thinking, just not systematically or explicitly. Several risks exist if systems of thought, such as Economics, are unable or unwilling to address the eschatological. This paper will explore descriptive and prescriptive elements of eschatology. Attention will then be turned towards understanding how the eschatological is and can be approached in Economics. Lastly, the implications of an eschatological approach for Economics on further research and policy prescription are discussed. By reconstruction and renegotiation society can create a healthier vision of the future.
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