UNCA Journal of Undergraduate Research Spring 2024 Issue

Do You Track? A Look at the Difference Between Great Plains and Southeast Tornado Tracksby Isaac Abdullayev
Evaluating tree frog habitat use in a montane wetland using tree tube sheltersby Aleen Ammar
Investigating Bedrock Controls on Erosional Retreat of the Blue Ridge Escarpment, Old Fort, North Carolinaby Lila Anderson-Varga
Determining Fish Assemblage Structure Using Elevation in the Swannanoa River by Wynn Arellano
Reinventing Black Visibility in Contemporary Artby Isabel Baggett
Riverine Identity: Investigating Whitewater Paddlers' Connectedness to Natureby Sam Beichler
Structural Dynamics within Escherichia coli’s F1Fo ATP Synthase Complexby Britza Chavez-Arellano
Physiological Comparison of Pure American and Hybrid American-Chinese Chestnut Hybrids Abstract:by Sam Cleary
Role of the Dinucleotide Signaling Molecule Diadenosine Tetrephosphate in Staphylococcus aureus Pathogenesisby Jackson Coker
Did Purple-Air Sensors Agree with EPA Regulatory Air Quality Monitors in North Carolina During the Canadian Wildfire Smoke Episode in the Summer of 2023?by Jackson Coley
Consumer Response to Social Media Advertising: A Neuromarketing Perspective Introductionby Amanda Davies
Effects of TiO brookite nanoparticles size and homogeneity on photocatalytic degradation of Perfluorooctanoic Acidby Lorelei Dippy
Comparison of Macroinvertebrate communities between Forested and Urban streams by Sam Dormady
Finding the Blues in the Music of Wayne Shorter by Ethan Ebert
The Race to Freedom: Hong Kong and the Beijing Threat to Democracy Before 2047by Ona Elkins
Buzzing Havens: Plant-Insect Interactions in Pollinator Gardensby Maria Escobedo
The Application of Blue Zone Theory to Assess Institutional Wellnessby Justin Fleer
Niemals und nirgends findet er Ruhe: The Abandonment of Elderly Holocaust Survivors, 1945-1960by Maggie Garrett
Assessing Climate Change Effects on Fish Distribution in the Swannanoa River Watershedby Gillian Gavenus
Digital Simulation of the Cochlear Implant’s Signal Processing Algorithm Modeled for Speech and Investigation of Methods to Improve Musical Cognition and Recognitionby Benjamin Green
Sustaining liquid water on Earth-like planets: the importance of star-planet interactionsby Abby Grulick
Synthesis and Evaluation of Guanidinium-Based Antibiotic-Adjuvant Hybrids and Their Anitbiotic Propertiesby Kyle Handy
Ecological Impact of American Chestnut Hybridization on Insect Communitiesby Evan Hausler
Tools of Change: A Technological Approach to Community-Led Park Reconstructionby Brian Hickey
Kudzu Bodies: The Intersection Between Kudzu and Queernessby Evelyn Horton
Aspects of Gigantic Jet-Producing Thunderstorms in Different Environmentsby Evan Johnson
Developing Anti-Adhesion Derivatives of N-acetylglucosamine for the Inhibition of Biofilm Formationby Afton Johnston
Capture and Amplify: Novel Approaches to Extracting and Multiplication Entomopathogenic Nematodes Effectivelyby Jennifer Luna-Ayala
Event-based Verification of IMERG VI Precipitation Estimates Over Complex Terrain in the Southern Appalachian Mountainsby Dylan Major
Analyzing Predictive Power: WUNC Theory vs. The Strategy of Social Protests in the Context of Occupy Wall Streetby Amity Martino
Expression and Characterization of a Bacterial Lectin Towards Development of Anti-Adhesion Moleculesby Quinn Nyberg
Queering Campus: What Can UNCA Faculty and Staff Do To Improve LGBT+ Student Experiences?by Lennon O'Hagan
Urban Metamorphosis: The Effect of Gentrification on Community Evolutionby Andrew Okon
Impact of Long-Distance Transport of PM2.5 from the 2023 Canadian Wildfires on COVID-19 Hospitalizations in the Eastern U.S.by Alex Parker
Analyzing June Southeastern US CAPE Trends Between 1944-2023by Steven Rearden
Ecological Impacts of American-Chinese Chestnut Hybridization on Soil Arthropod Communities and Entomopathogenic Nematodesby Jaq Reed
Subversions of Sensuality Within Lesbian Photographyby Ann Schofield
Evaluating Limb Asymmetry and Muscular Adaptations in Collegiate Athletes Engaged in Sports Involving Asymmetrical Movementsby Bruno Serra
The Kohnstamm Phenomenon: Involuntary Movement Followed by Sustained Muscle Contractionby Rafael Serra
Tang Dynasty Buddhist monks and Proto-anthropologyby Alexander Severa
Using Chemical Fingerprinting to Analyze Stormwater Runoff Patterns in McClure's Bog, North Carolinaby Abby Sgan
Reduced Wave Speed in 3D Printed Corrugated Pipesby Halle Theriault
To Plant or to Preserve: Comparing the Carbon-Capture Potential of Planting New Trees Versus Preserving Existing Forestby Ava Tomkins
Impact of State Firearm Regulations on Suicide Mortality Ratesby Claire Tomlinson
The Relationship Between Self Reported Nutritional Patterns and Depressionby Alexis Walker
The Future of Giant Kelp Along the West Coast of North America Due to Rising Sea Surface Temperatures by Josh Ward
Escape and Art Therapy: The Need for a New Artby Dean Patrick Wheless
Analyzing Reproductive Effort, Reproductive Output, and Pitcher Morphology Variation to Monitor Sarracenia purpurea var. montana Populations in Southern Appalachia by Mars Zappia