UNCA Journal of Undergraduate Research Fall 2022 Issue

PFAS Contamination in WNC Waterwaysby Cassie Bailey
Different Perceptions of Classroom Settingsby Adam Baker
Pet Ownership, Health Outcomes and Poverty by Chelsea Bartlett
SwarmBotby Christopher Blaha
Lights Out! Reducing Anthropogenic Bird Mortality in Asheville, NCby Andrea Carver
Investigating the roles of Na+/H+ antiporters nhaC and SAUSA300_0617 during Staphylococcus aureus nitrosative stressby Albert Chow
What are the Effects of Hog CAFOs on Local Black Communities in North Carolina?by Kiah Dale
Differences in Category of Immigrant on Economic Assimilation Ratesby Jacob Diehn
Mind the GAAP: Wage Differentials between Native and Immigrant Cohortsby Michael Farkas
Researching Bike Accessibility on the UNC Asheville Campus and in the Community of Asheville, NCby Joe Franco
Effects of simulated cattle hoof depressions on animal diversity and abundance in a mountain bogby Zoe Lonabaugh
Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency: Diagnosis, Treatment, Complications and Black Box Warningsby Katherine Magley
The 20th Century Heterosexual Male Artist at the Climax of Objectification: Three-dimensional Mannequins, Forming the Ideal Woman, and the Effects of Sexually Explicit Art Work by Luisa Marin
Drink up to earn more? Perhaps.by Abby Parks, Nick Speer and Thomson Meeks
Effects of Immigration on Small Businessby Thomson Meeks
Carbon Sequestration in the Face of Invasion: Invasive Species as a Threat to UNC Asheville’s Carbon Stockby Stephanie Meyers
Genetic Diversity in Adults and Seedlings of Celastrus orbiculatus Thunb. (Asian Bittersweet) Near a Site of Initial Introduction in Asheville, North Carolinaby Gradise Nishimwe
Wildlife Road Mortality on Two Roads Bordering Vernal Wetlandsby Elias Rackoff
Iceland - The Land of Fire, Ice, and Equal Rights: How Icelanders in Reykjavik Have Shaped Their Society Outside of the National Churchby Kayla Shiflett Rhodes
pH Effect on Photocatalytic Degradation of Trichloroethylene by Brookite Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticlesby Lily Shoff
Dihydrogen Heterolysis and Hydride Transfer utilizing an Iridium Catalystby Olive Solares-Knorr
Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Native Appalachian Plants for Antibacterialby Reese Taylor
Identifying Biosynthetic Gene Clusters Involved in Antagonistic Activity in Pseudomonadsby Danielle Weber
Applying Theories of Communication to Food Justice in Western North Carolinaby Addison Wright