Publication in: Fall 2022 Issue

The 20th Century Heterosexual Male Artist at the Climax of Objectification: Three-dimensional Mannequins, Forming the Ideal Woman, and the Effects of Sexually Explicit Art Work
Luisa Marin
Art History
Faculty Mentor(s):
Eva Hericks-Bares
Abstract / Summary:
For centuries, heterosexual male artists have been creating sexually explicit work which exploits and fetishizes the female muse. The art world has seen a steady increase of vulgar art which has worked its way from the classical Renaissance style of reclining nudes to iconic works such as Allen Jones Chair, in which themes of bondage, domination, and female humiliation are present. Investigation into 20th century artists will examine how the 1960’s era of rebellion and the surge of online pornography during the 80’s and 90’s led to the production of crude art through a variety of mediums. With this rise in accessibility of pornography comes the question of how artists and museums make a distinction between art and erotica. This paper will further investigate how this fine line is handled and whether people deem it necessary and acceptable to have art which demonstrates sexually suggestive characteristics. Finally, it explores what drives these men, as well as women, to create this work.
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