Publication in: Fall 2022 Issue

Effects of Immigration on Small Business
Thomson Meeks
Faculty Mentor(s):
Jie Ma
Abstract / Summary:
Immigration Economics is a field rich with compelling analysis of immigrant productivity and contribution. One topic that has been somewhat overlooked, however, is the entrepreneurial spirit of immigrants and the effects this has on their destination cities and its inhabitants. Starting a business, much like moving away from your home country, requires a healthy appetite for risk. We find that proclivity to/success in entrepreneurial pursuits vary on axis of gender, immigration status and age –showing that young immigrant entrepreneurs typically make more than their native counterparts. This research will use American Community Survey data from the 2010s to demonstrate the relationship between immigrant population and small business outcomes on the metropolitan area level. To accomplish this, we use descriptive statistics, Least Squares regression analysis, confirmed by Logistical regression analysis. Further, this research will demonstrate the magnitude of the effect of immigration on native entrepreneurs, provide possible explanations for this and resulting policy suggestions.
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