Tuesday Nov 28 2023
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8:30 AM
Soil Arthropod Biodiversity: An Investigation in Eastern Hemlocks Following Chemical Treatment
Structural dynamics within the Escherichia coli ATP synthase complex
8:50 AM
Developing a Heat Vulnerability Index for Buncombe County, NC
9:00 AM
Orchestrate: Automating Network Administration
Effects of TiO2 brookite nanoparticle size and homogeneity on photocatalytic degradation of Perfluorooctanoic Acid
Documenting the History of Abortion Access in Western North Carolina
Get Your F*@#$!% Ass Up and Work
9:10 AM
Discovering Energy Efficient Opportunities in Asheville's Craft Brewing Industry
9:20 AM
Merrimon Avenue Traffic Simulation
Public Health and Healthcare Management: Understanding the US Healthcare System.
The Functions of Nostalgia During Times of Transition
9:30 AM
Right Where You Left Me: The Abandonment of Elderly Holocaust Survivors, 1945-1960
Expression and Characterization of Bacterial Lectin Towards Development of Anti-Adhesion Molecules
9:40 AM
Multiplayer video game
Photographing Roan Highlands: An Insight into Art and Land Conservation
Raising Awareness of Autistic Traits in Females Through The Language of Art
9:50 AM
“A left-wing Confederacy?”: The Southern Student Organizing Committee and the 1966-1967 Cone Mills Strikes
10:00 AM
Evaluating Inclusivity and Access to Outdoor Recreation in Western North Carolina and Exploring Equity in Trail Maintenance Volunteer Work
Cultivating Racial Equity, Empowerment, and Community Activism: An Ethnography of the Burton Street Community Peace Gardens
Character and Commodity: Reading Joan Didion with Theodor Adorno
Resonant Vessels
Picture This
Finding the Blues in the Music of Wayne Shorter
10:10 AM
“We must go among them, wherever they are.”: The Regional Vanguard Legacy of the North Carolina Black Panther Party
10:20 AM
Bent Creek Buddy
Abortion Access’ Impact on Economic Outcomes for Mothers
Shuffle Up and Play; Magic the Gathering and Third Places
Taming the Wild Bull: Hierarchies of Gender within the Epic of Gilgamesh
10:30 AM
An Analysis of Bedrock Orientation, Jointing and Slope Stability on Landslide Risk on the Swannanoa Lineament, North Carolina
Sharecroppers’ Strength: The Story of Communalism and Resistance of the Delta and Providence Cooperative Farms
The Love and Loss Expressed in the History of American Quilting
Inhibition of ATP synthase in multidrug resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa using quinoline analogs
10:40 AM
Targeted Regulations on Abortion Providers: Impact on Women’s Occupational Mobility in the U.S. Labor Market
Beneath the mask: An exploration of self-expression and presentation through the lens of virtual youtubers
Poetry Translation Theory and Poetry of the Négritude Movement:
Half Past Whiskey
10:50 AM
Carbon Storage and Sequestration Forecast for Campus Trees Threatened by Exotic Invasive Plants: Meeting the Campus Carbon Commitment
“The Greenwood Massacre: The Use of Framing in the Media and How it helps to Perpetuate Injustice.”
Face to Face With Mortality: The Reality of Postmortem Photography
Reproductive Effort and Output in Atypical Morphotypes of Mountain Purple Pitcher Plant, Sarracenia purpurea var. montana
11:00 AM
Quasar Absorption Lines Database
The role of subunit a Lysine 203 on proton translocation in E. coli ATP synthase
The South as a Liminal Space
11:10 AM
Identification of Notophthalmus viridescens Individuals from Photographs Using the Interactive Individual Identification System (I3S) Software
Faith of a Mustard Seed: Analyzing Lucy S. Herring’s Ideas as Actions to Determine to What Extent She Employed Respectability Politics to Uplift Her Race Through Education
Soil Arthropod Biodiversity: An Investigation in Eastern Hemlocks Following Chemical Treatment
11:15 AM
You Can't Struggle if You're Smart: Subjective Well-Being and Internalization of the Model Minority Myth Among Asian Americans
The Weaving Collective Project
11:20 AM
Small Timescale to Large Timescale Exoplanet Modeler and Plotter
Potential Gender Wage Disparities at a Progressive Liberal Arts College
In-depth Study of Trichloroethylene Photodegradation by Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles: Anatase versus Brookite
Late Capitalist Gothic: Cultural Subversion and Reclamation
11:30 AM
A Woman's Work: The Emergence of the "Rural Women" of the Farmers Federation of Fairview, NC
11:35 AM
Brain Training Has No Significant Effect on the Working Memory Capacity of Older Adults?
11:40 AM
Pyile: Peer to Peer Reimagined
The Relationship between Broom Fork Moss, Dicranum scoparium, and its Host Trees
Can a Black Market for Abortion Medication Keep Women in the Labor Market
11:50 AM
Why Burnsville?: Otway Burns, Carolina Politics, and the Naming of a Mountain Town
12:00 PM
Restricted Pixels: a pixel-art web game
Effectiveness of mowing on vegetation in a Southern Appalachian grassy bald
Salary Makeup of Women's and Men's Basketball Coaches Within the National Collegiate Athletic Association
1:00 PM
Sustainability in the Ancient Mediterranean Session Introductions
Zines, Community, and Placemaking in Queer and Feminist Groups, 1970-1990
You Smell Good: Agency and aesthetics in personal scentscapes
Flowers and Unspoken Words: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Imagery in Hamlet and Haider
Subsonic Wave Propagation Measured in 3D Printed Corrugated Tubes
1:10 PM
“A Piece of Land, Not So Very Large”: Considerations of Sustainability in the Rustic Fantasy and Rural Realities of Ancient Rome
1:20 PM
“Scourging of the Carolinas?: A Recollection and Rehabilitation of the Conduct of the Union Army of Georgia in North Carolina, March 4th-April 26th 1865”
Buddhist Monks and Proto-Anthropology
William Shakespeare’s Hamlet Meets Bollywood: Haider, an Adaptation that Brings Light to India’s Socio-Political Conflicts
Resonant Vessels
1:30 PM
You Are What You Eat: Food as Morality in Late Republican and Early Imperial Roman Writing
1:40 PM
The Unknown Man of the Moment: Christian Herter, Eisenhower's Secretary of State
Staff, Community, and Familial Bonds Shaping Retirement: An Ethnography of a Retirement Facility
Trapped Imagery in Film Adaptations of Othello
1:50 PM
“With Drooping Wings ye Cupids Come:” The Sustainability of Musical Heritage in Antiquity
2:00 PM
Interactive Media and its Underutilization in Education
"I'm Done Dating White People": Experiences of Intimate Partner Racism by AAPI in Interracial Relationships
2:20 PM
Blood in the Water: Aquatic Eco-Horror from Greco-Roman Imagination to Modern Film
Sacred Terror: Unmasking the Propaganda of Religiosity and Fear in Women's Indian Captivity Narratives
2:40 PM
When in Rome, There is Death : on the issues of sustainability in Roman burial practices
3:30 PM
How Coping Humor Styles Affect Perceived Well-Being
Effects of time of day on subjective ratings of humorous images
Pet Related Humor Study
Navigating Democracy: Insights from Nayib Bukele’s El Salvador
Empathy and Humor Styles Correlative Study
The Power of Literacy
Evanescent Wave Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy – A Novel Tool to Investigate Magnetic Field Effects on Radical Pair Reactions
Identity at UNCA: More Than a Four-Year Institution
Geometric Dissections of the squares that can demonstrate the Pythagorean Theorem for any right triangle
Baggage of "bitches" and assumptions of "assholes": the impact of gender and pejoratives on perceived target characteristics
Careful examination of wheeled cart acceleration as function of cart and wheel masses
Motion of Satellite Galaxies Relative to Rotation Axes of Parent Galaxies
Magnitude Depth of Photographic Plates from the Yerkes Observatory Plate Collection
“A Statistical Search for Ram Pressure Stripping of Gas from Galaxies”
Predicting Reductions of the Speed of Sound from Computer Simulations of Corrugated Tubes
The Galaxy Size-Mass Distribution and its Evolution over the Last 11.5 Billion Years.
Characterization of Radical-Pair Forming Molecules in Solution
Eviction Without Representation: The Efficacy of Advocacy on Behalf of Low-Income Clients Facing Eviction
Civil Legal Aid and Poverty
SAR of quinoline analogs with amine substituted side chains to combat multi-drug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Synthesis of antibiotic-adjuvant conjugates
Inhibition of Autoinducer-2 Quorum Sensing Pathway by Targeting the LuxS Enzyme
Recovery After Sex Trafficking
Examining Zoning Laws and Affordable Housing in Asheville
LGBTQIA+ Archive Curriculum Poster Presentation
The Role of the Second Messenger Ap4A in the Virulence of Staphylococcus aureus Under Respiratory Stress
The Role of the Second Messenger c-di-AMP in the Virulence of Staphylococcus aureus Under Respiratory Stress
Reproductive Strategies of Bacteria: Horizontal Gene Transfer of Antibiotic Resistance Between E. Coli and Varying Strains of Pseudomonas
"All About Bugs" Using Interactive Artwork to Increase Educational Awareness Around Insects
Analyzing Pollen Production, Reproductive Output, and Pitcher Morphology Variation to Monitor Sarracenia purpurea var. montana Populations in Southern Appalachia
Morning Glory Reproduction: Is Outcrossing or Selfing More Successful?
UNC-Asheville’s First “Camine con Gusto”: Experiences as a Community Engaged Scholar
Animal Models of Sub-Clinical Concussion Highlight Sex Differences In Long-Term Outcome
Are Astrocytes the Key to Improved Treatment of Ischemic Stroke?Are Astrocytes the Key to Improved Treatment of Ischemic Stroke?
Using Melatonin to Reduce Medication Costs for Patients with Bone-Related Diseases
DNA Methylation Risk Scores Connect Childhood Trauma to Adult Health
Traumatic Bran Injury: the Histopathological Evidence
Exploring the Potential Prevention and Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease within the Oral Microbiota
Unlocking Cognitive Enhancements Through Exercise: A Study on Attention and Executive Function
The Role of AMPARs in the Pathology of Schizophrenia: a Potential Site for Pharmacologic Intervention
Exploring Potential Aversive Effects of Novel Psychiatric Drugs through Conditioned Taste Aversion
Tylenol (acetaminophen) Reduces Empathy Behavior in Rats
Neuroinflammation, Gut-Brain Axis, and Depression: Pathogenesis to Treatment
Functional Connectivity of the Anterior Cingulate Cortex and the Right Anterior Insula Differentiates between Major Depressive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder and Healthy Controls
The Perceptual Learning of Sine-Wave Speech
Working Memory Capacity in Chronic Cannabis Users and Susceptibility to Misinformation
Do MOCA scores predict performance on OSpan
"Reframing the Mental Health Stigma Within the Black Community"
“Reframing the Mental Health Stigma within the Black community”
Music Therapy as a form of Intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorder
Quantifying the Performance of a Moravian C3-61000 IMX455 CMOS Camera at UNCA’s Lookout Observatory
MDMA-Assisted Therapy as a Treatment for PTSD