Tuesday Apr 23 2024
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8:30 AM
Ecological Impacts of American-Chinese Chestnut Hybridization on Soil Arthropod Communities and Entomopathogenic Nematodes
8:45 AM
An Analysis of Rainfall, Flooding, and Impacts on Federally-Listed Species in a Southern Appalachian Wetland
8:50 AM
Deciphering LuxS: Analytical Approaches for Probing Functional Dynamics and Metal Coordination
Ecological Impact of American Chestnut Hybridization on Insect Communities
9:00 AM
The Emergence of Braid Groups in Configuration Spaces of Coxeter Groups
NYC Sura Wolfe Wengrow Travel Grant
Highdrate: An IoT app to help users achieve their hydration goals
AI on Air! : Investigating the Role of AI for the Future of the Sports Broadcast Industry
Did Purple-Air Sensors Agree with EPA Regulatory Air Quality Monitors in North Carolina During the Canadian Wildfire Smoke Episode in the Summer of 2023?
The Application of Blue Zone Theory to Assess Institutional Wellness
Examining the male gaze in Ram-Leela, an Indian adaptation of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
9:05 AM
To Plant or to Preserve: Comparing the Carbon-Capture Potential of Planting New Trees Versus Preserving Existing Forest
9:10 AM
Physiological Comparison of Pure American and Hybrid American-Chinese Chestnut Hybrids
9:20 AM
Braid Groups and Their Canonical Forms
Dalennod: An user-friendly bookmarking system for saving, searching, and archiving websites
AI and the Future of Citizen Science
Exploring the Role of Wilderness Therapy in North Carolina and Utah: A Comparative Analysis
Structural Dynamics within the Escherichia coli ATP Synthase Complex
Gun Violence in India
9:25 AM
The Impact of Urbanization on the Elevation Correlation of Fish Species of the Swannanoa River and its Tributaries
9:40 AM
Theory of Finite Reflection Groups
Breaking Economic Tackles: Effects of Macroeconomic Indicators on NFL Team Revenue
Remarque, a Bullet Journaling Application
A Comparative Analysis of Human vs. AI Video Editing
Trends in Synoptic Types Associated with 1-day duration 50-year Return Interval Precipitation Events in the Northeastern United States: 1895-2015
The Relationship Between Self-Reported Nutritional Patterns and Depression
Stereotyping and Gender-Roles in Ram-Leela and Romeo and Juliet
Public Financing of Sports Stadiums in the US
9:45 AM
Investigating Bedrock Controls on Erosional Retreat of the Blue Ridge Escarpment, Old Fort, North Carolina
Buzzing Havens: Plant-Insect Interactions in Pollinator Gardens
9:50 AM
Effects of TiO brookite nanoparticle size and homogeneity on photocatalytic degradation of Perfluorooctanoic Acid
10:00 AM
Snap, Crackle, and Population: An Analysis of State Variation in SNAP Take-up Rates
An Analysis of Neymar’s Record-Breaking Move and Its Impact on the Football Transfer Market.
Afrofuturism: An Analysis of Representation Throughout Time
Acoustic wave speed attenuation in 3D-printed corrugated tubes
FitCom: Fostering a healthy, supportive community for attaining fitness goals
AI and digital worlds: How AI has revolutionized the Video game industry
Aspects of Gigantic Jet-Producing Thunderstorms in Different Environments
What Do Healthcare Providers in the Asheville Area Know About Traumatic Brain Injury in the Context of Intimate Partner Violence?
Unravelling the Symbolism in the Death of Arshia in Haider Compared to Ophelia in Hamlet
10:05 AM
Capture and Amplify: Novel Approaches to Extracting and Multiplication Entomopathogenic Nematodes Effectively
10:15 AM
Escapism and Art Therapy: The Need for a New Art
10:20 AM
Embedded Behavioral Health in First Responder Populations
Increase in Pay for Offense in the Middle of the Field: An Evaluation of a Market Inefficiency Impacting Modern-Day Major League Baseball
Afrofuturistic Liminal Spaces: Black, White, and Purple
Characterizing the Habitat and Life Stages of Clintonia borealis in High-Elevation Forests
Searching for evidence of ram pressure stripping from offset Hα emission in MaNGA satellite galaxies.
A Machine Learning Approach to Determining Musical Elements
AI or Artificial Imitation: The Potential for AI Voice Technology to Disrupt or Enhance Societal Discourse
The Relationship Between Hormonal Birth Control and Young Adult Women
Synthesis and Evaluation of Brominated Quinoline Pseudomonas Aeruginosa ATP Synthase inhibitors
Tribunes of the Plebs as Impediments to Protest in the Roman Republic
10:25 AM
Evaluating tree frog habitat use in a montane wetland using tree tube shelters
10:35 AM
Reinventing Black Visibility in Contemporary Art
10:40 AM
Socioeconomic Status and Early Brain Development
Resilience Training in the Military
Adapting to the new economy: The impacts of Mountain bike tourism in Western North Carolina
Data, Cyberspace and Afrofuturism
The role of bedrock structures in large scale wedge failure in Andy Cove, Pisgah National Forest, NC
Quantifying the Performance of a Moravian C3-61000 IMX455 CMOS Camera at UNCA’s Lookout Observatory
AI and Storytelling: What it means that AI advancements are changing the way we communicate and access the visual stories that shape our worlds
Synthesis and Evaluation of Guanidinium-Based Antibiotic-Adjuvant Hybrids and Their Anitbiotic Properties
The Race to Freedom: Hong Kong and the Beijing Threat to Democracy Before 2047
10:55 AM
Kudzu Bodies: The Intersection Between Kudzu and Queerness
11:00 AM
Paysage linguistique des sites touristiques Parisiennes
How Does Communication Between Practitioners and Patients Impact The Effectiveness of Mindfulness-based Interventions?
There's Just Words: AAPI College Students on Inclusion on Campus
Money and Medals
Afrofuturism: Entering the Future through Fugitive Bodies
Macroinvertebrate response to urbanization and comparison between forested and urban streams within the Southern Appalachians
Surveying for Radio Bright Stars in the Southern Hemisphere
Cookly: A Flexible Online Platform for Browsing Products and Services
Asheville's Music Market Mixed with AI Machines
Expression and Characterization of Bacterial Lectin Towards Development of Anti-Adhesion Molecules
Composing Under the Influence Pt. 2: The Return of the Clayton Jordan Big Band
Role of Dinucleotide Signaling Molecule Diadenosine Tetraphosphate in Staphylococcus aureus Pathogenesis
11:20 AM
Bridging the Past: The Exploration of French to English Archival Translation
Sustaining liquid water on Earth-like planets: the importance of star-planet interactions
Comparing The Predictive Accuracy of WUNC Theory and The Strategy of Social Protests: An Occupy Wall Street Case Study
A Profile of Communities with High Propensity for FEMA Buyouts
Sound Maze
Exploring the Impact of AI-Driven Virtual Reality on Audience Engagement in the Film Industry
Carbohydrate Anti-Adhesion Strategies for the Inhibition of Biofilm Formation
Choral Composition through Research, Experimentation, and Feeling
Evolutionary analysis of the palmitoylation mechanism for G12/13 subfamily proteins
11:30 AM
Afrofuturism and Video Games
Afrofuturism In They Cloned Tyrone
Afrofuturist Costume Design: Exploring Ruth E. Carter's Impact in "Black Panther"
Afrofuturism: Cosmology and Mythology
Doja Cat And The Planet Her Albums Contemporary Place In Afrofuturism
Juan Atkins' Influence and Contributions to Afrofuturism
Afrofuturism and The Internet: Global Communication and The Afrofuturist Movement
The Rise of Black Heroes: From Comics to Afrofuturistic Animation
afrofuturism and fashion
Exploring Afrofuturism in the Tech Industry Through Black Leadership and Innovation
A Milestone for Black comic creatives
SHIFT- Asian/Pacific Islander College Students: Beyond Isolation to Inclusion
11:35 AM
Subversions of Sensuality Within Lesbian Photography
Riverine Identity: Investigating Whitewater Paddlers’ Connectedness to Nature
11:40 AM
Representation Matters: Data Collection at the Buncombe County Courthouse for Pisgah Legal Services
Game Theory and Weight Cutting in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)
Technological Imaginings in Afrofuturism
Site Customizer
The Evolution and Ethical Concerns of AI Usage in the Music Industry
Harmonic Ambiguity and Perception of Liminality in Music
Development of Quinoline Derivatives to Combat Multidrug Resistant Bacterial Infections
11:55 AM
Showcasing Societal Coping Mechanisms to Discuss the Effects of Escapism
Assessing Climate Change Effects on Fish Diversity and Distribution in the Swannanoa River Watershed
12:00 PM
The Intersection of Transgender and Racial Identity in Afrofuturism
12:15 PM
Using Chemical Fingerprinting to Analyze Stormwater Runoff Patterns in McClure's Bog, North Carolina
The Kohnstamm Phenomenon: Involuntary Movement Followed by Sustained Muscle Contraction
12:35 PM
Evaluating Limb Asymmetry and Muscular Adaptations in Collegiate Athletes Engaged in Sports Involving Asymmetrical Movements
1:00 PM
Bloody Sucks!
No Juice: A Peer to Peer Wagering System
1:20 PM
Reinforcement Learning with PacMan
1:30 PM
Do You Track? A Look at the Differences Between Great Plains and Southeast Tornado Tracks
Investigating Air Quality and Heat Exposure Disparities in Asheville Communities
Pork Quality Trait Comparisons Of Conventional and Pasture-Raised Pork
Disentangling the Role of the Second Messenger c-di-AMP in the Stress Response of Staphylococcus aureus
Quantifying Fungal Cooling Systems
The Role of the Second Messenger Ap4A in the Fitness of Staphylococcus aureus During Stress
Comparative Study: Western Expatriate Experiences in China and India
Synthesis of Brominated Quinoline
Antibiotic Discovery: Extracting and Isolating a Novel Natural Product from Herbaspirillum sp.
Development of a Covalent Labeling Assay of Quorum Sensing Enzyme LuxS
Synthesis of carbonyl and phosphate linkers to increase antibiotic affinity
The World Beneath Us: A Journey into the Lives of Soil-Dwelling Invertebrates
Evaluation of Guanidinium Antibiotic Hybrids in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Perfluorooctanoic Acid Degradation Catalyzed by Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles
Documenting the History of Abortion Services in Western North Carolina: The Story of an Asheville Clinic
Cultural sovereignty through affordable housing: an explanatory case study on the Emma Community in Asheville as a model for resistance against the threat of displacement caused by gentrification
Empowering Communities Against Poverty in Collaboration with Just Economics
A Vision Into Sustainable Merchandising and Textile Design
Directing a stage adaption of “The Egg” by Andy Weir
How Miniature Light Labs Can Change Lighting Design
Bird Strikes on UNCA Campus: Data, Problems, and Solutions
Complete Major Ion Analysis of Buncombe County Streams
Land Use Impacts on Threatened and Endangered Fish Species for the U.S. West Coast
Digital Simulation of the Cochlear Implant’s Signal Processing Algorithm Modeled for Speech and Investigation of Methods to Improve Musical Cognition and Recognition
Functional Connectivity of the Anterior Cingulate Cortex and the Right Anterior Insula Differentiates between Major Depressive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder and Healthy Controls
Resonant Echea
Careful examination of wheeled cart acceleration as function of cart and wheel masses
Hear Me Out: Compassionate Communication
Investigating Correlation Between Humor Styles and Stress
Breaking the Stereotype of the Model Minority Myth: Impact on Judgments
Humor Ratings and Audio Stimuli Within Aggressive and Affiliative Humor Styles
Humor Expression in Relation to ADHD Symptomology
EEG and Earworms: Exploring the Neural Correlates of Involuntary Musical Imagery
Working Alongside Our Community: Connecting and Coming Together to Further Assist Our Latino Community
Connecting Families to Resources: Children First/Communities in Schools
Drugs;Children;Haywood County Jail
“Behind the Badge: Professionalism in Policing, Analyzing Institutional Practices and Ethical Standards”
Big Ivy Community Center: Creating a Healthier, More Equitable Society Through Community Outreach
Development and Implementation of Recruitment Strategies For The Children First/Communities in Schools AmeriCorps Project POWER Program
Legacy Of Hope International’s Mission to End Human Trafficking and Exploitation
Understanding the Impact of Peer Mentoring
Something Amazing: Blue Ridge Pride LGBTQIA+ Archive
Four of a Kind
Investigating the Effects of Psychostimulant Medication on Attention in Individuals with and Without ADHD
Unveiling Unionism: Teaching the Fundamentals of American Labor
1:40 PM
2:00 PM
North Carolina Film Project: The Hunger Games
SmoothWx: Creating Smoother Storm System Animations
Musical Performances
2:20 PM
Quandary: A Game for Quantum Education
2:40 PM
Track Finder: A Streamlined Recruiting Software for Track and Field Coaches
3:00 PM
HappyPaws: Enhancing Pet Care Through Personalized Digital Health Solutions