UNCA Journal of Undergraduate Research Fall 2023 Issue

Evaluating Inclusivity and Access to Outdoor Recreation in Western North Carolina and Exploring Equity in Trail Maintenance Volunteer Workby Felipe Ahumada
A Study of Gender Wage Disparities at a Progressive Liberal Arts Collegeby Weston Berry
Neural Correlates of Perceptual Learning of Sine Wave Speechby David Bortolotto
Developing a Heat Vulnerability Index for Buncombe County, NCby Hope Donnellan
“A Piece of Land, Not So Very Large”: Considerations of Sustainability in the Rustic Fantasy and Rural Realities of Ancient Romeby Katy Fulcher
Carbon Storage and Sequestration Forecast for Campus Trees Threatened by Exotic Invasive Plants: Meeting the Campus Carbon Commitmentby Leah Given
Identification of Notophthalmus viridescens Individuals from Photographs Using the Interactive Individual Identification System (I3S) Softwareby Aaron Goldfarb
Discovering Energy Efficiency Opportunities in Asheville's Craft Brewing Industryby Ava Ingle
Roots Still Here: The Language of Internalized Misogyny and its Role in Generational Trauma in Crystal Wilkinson’s The Birds of Opulenceby Sarah Jackson
Patterns of genetic diversity in a large, isolated population of American ginseng in western North Carolinaby Anna Joel
Mental Illness and Misogyny in the Presence of Power: An Analysis of Sympathetic Portrayals of Lady Macbethby Noelle Lambert
In-depth Study of Trichloroethylene Photodegradation by Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles: Anatase versus Brookiteby Victoria Magyar
Photographing Roan Highlands: An Insight into Art and Land Conservationby Juliette Malowany
Reproductive Effort and Output in Atypical Morphotypes of Mountain Purple Pitcher Plant, Sarracenia purpurea var. montana Schnell & Determan by Michelle Paredes
Music Therapy as a form of Intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorderby Caroline Scholer
Homosocial Bonding and Queer Theory in Bollywood Shakespeare Adaptationsby Drew Scott
Silence, Violence, or Insanity: Rejections of True Womanhoodby Shelby Larue Sizemore
"I'm Done Dating White People": Experiences of Intimate Partner Racism by AAPI in Interracial Relationshipsby Saiesh Srivastava
You Are What You Eat: Food as Morality in Late Republican and Early Imperial Roman Writingby Claudia Sturgell
Soil Arthropod Biodiversity: An Investigation in Eastern Hemlocks Following Chemical Treatmentby Julia Thomas
Zines, Community, and Placemaking in Queer and Feminist Groups in the Twentieth Centuryby Naomi Todd
Targeted Regulations on Abortion Providers: Impact on Women’s Occupational Mobility in the U.S. Labor Marketby Erin Walsh
“A left-wing Confederacy?”: The Southern Student Organizing Committee and the 1966-1967 Cone Mills Strikes by Ellie Woolard